Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NASA/JPL makes first statement about comet Elenin!

What did they have to say? They basically said that comet Elenin will be a non event as far as the public interest is concerned. Or in other words, you won't be able to see comet Elenin at all with the unaided eye.

Which, if you'll recall, is the exact opposite of what I said in my blog two days ago! =D And the statement isn't coming from some Joe Blow at NASA/JPL, its coming from Don Yeomans who is sort of like the Wizard Of Oz at NASA/JPL when it comes to comets. Yeomans has been associated with comets and NASA/JPL as far back as I can remember, 15 years or more.

So what's going on here? Do we really have a “wimpy” comet, as he termed it, or was he too busy to check the very latest data on comet Elenin. The data from a few weeks or so ago was showing that comet Elenin would indeed be a magnitude 8 totally boring comet. But just a few days ago that has changed. In this shot for example, that I posted a link to on my twitter @cometelenin just yesterday. I posted the link not so much because it is a beautiful shot of comet Elenin, but rather that this Australian amateur astronomer Astroswanny is stating that he thought the magnitude was about magnitude 13. Magnitude 13 IS GOOD for comet Elenin at this time!

Can't argue with the NASA/JPJ comet guru Yeomans though, if he's saying wimpy then it might very well end up being wimpy, but I'll be on the lookout for any revisions to his statement.

You can see the NASA/JPL article at the following link. Comet Elenin: Preview of a Coming Attraction

What's at stake here is whether or not comet Elenin is going to end up on this list of great comets in history. Yes, the article happens to be written by Yeomans, but for you conspiracy theorists there is no conspiracy here. Unless you think Yeomans has a FREEZE RAY and he's freezing our comet Elenin so it wont light up good! HAHAHA! =D

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