Saturday, April 23, 2011

Comet Elenin alignments and earthquakes

In regards to recent discussions about the alignments of comet Elenin and major earthquakes, I find it very interesting. This all mainly started when an astute Youtuber noticed a correlation of alignment as related to the Chilean earthquake of 2010. She had been evolving her theory for weeks and I remember seeing her refined video the day she posted it as I was and still am following everything about this comet. The video on her Youtube page is here.

As you can see, it was march 8th when she posted this and she plainly states that between march 11th and the 15th to be prepared if you are living near a fault zone because there is going to be a major earthquake. And there was an earthquake as we all know on March 11th when Japan got hit hard. And at that time comet Elenin, the earth and the sun were in close alignment on that day. It was also in alignment with our moon on February 27th, 2010 for the Chile earthquake and September 3rd, 2010 for the earthquake that happened in New Zealand. On these dates the earths moon is nearly lined up with the sun, earth and comet Elenin! This is interesting I'll have to admit! Not so much that the alignments coincide with major earthquakes, because major earthquakes happen all the time all around the world every year, but rather that these major earthquakes have occurred in heavily populated areas. Three alignments, three major earthquakes, all three in heavily populated areas. Yes very interesting! We know though that comet Elenin is just a comet because WE CAN SEE IT! It is not nibiru, a brown dwarf, planet x or anything like that! Yet, there may very well be something within the realm of the unknown happening here. As we have come to know by the well tried laws of physics there is no way whatsoever that a mountain size chunk of ice hundreds of millions of miles away from earth can have much affect on tectonic movements in relation to large populations. It would have to be something along the lines of some kind of unknown hyper dimensional physics that we know nothing about. Or even, gulp, astrology! =D Astrology, being that the significance is related to heavily populated areas being effected by these earthquakes. So in other words, not so much that these alignments are related to earthquakes, but rather the people composing large populations in conjunction with the earthquakes, which would definitely have an astrological correlation.

Consequently, come this September 26 or thereabouts when the next alignment occurs, if another major earthquake occurs in a heavily populated area, then we are going to have to begin to consider rethinking the whole of modern science!